22 October, 2011

New Convetka Courses

I've not looked at these yet, but Convekta ( Chess OK ) the creator of Aquarium and Chess Assistant, have a new all-encompassing series of chess courses available.

Actually, they don't describe the course content as new, just the technology : fully web-based, and usable on any type of device, PC to tablet.

As a taster, there are two of them for free !

Anyone tried them yet ?


Unknown said...

I get a feeling that they are trying to create web based courses out of all their "Peshka courses". Some of their older courses are pretty good if you can deal with a wild mix of everything from easy to impossible.

Signalman said...

You can't blame them.
Their courses have good content, although their older ones need some configuration to run on new versions of windows ( but run OK on Linux under WINE !).
If they are lucky/clever, once the interface is set, all they remains is an input or conversion process, and they have loads of courses for the 21st Century. The next part, of updating the material with the latest players/games, they can fo at their leisure and then announce " new, improved" !

ScotchYeti said...

Hi Signalman! Good to see you more active these days. :-)

I had a look at the website the other day. It's very similar to what you get with the normal Peshka interface so the question is if you want to have an online tool or a standalone program. The presentation of the contents is pretty good in both of them. Online access requires a subscription and will be more expensive over the years.

Signalman said...

Online vs standalone, mirroring the current cloud computing vs personal discussion ?!
I generally prefer the personal location of programs and documents, but I can see how having such course online is useful : encouraging community if nothing else.

Yes, its good to be back blogging.