02 May, 2010

T45...and more

The new season starts on Tuesday, and I am playing, for only the second time, on the Chessmasters team in the U1600 Division ( Sahara Section ).

Surprisingly, and probably by accident, the team is all non-American. Just an observation, since ICC seems primarily a US-based service.

Looking forward to it, especially as I am part of the 'default' team. Last season we lost a few games to no shows and team members leaving, so just ensuring we have a full team for each round should give us a good chance !

Feel a bit strange being on 3rd board, as the guys below me are actually higher-rated,but not in “league-ratings”. I don't think it matters that much, as standard ratings vary significantly at my level.

What's new ? Hopefully I'll have a chance to try out something different on the White side. Sticking to the same things for Black, as I am quite happy with them.

Also a new Monthly standard for May on Tuesday, so looking forward to that too..

This week has the added touch of a mid-week public holiday : Bevrijdingsdag ( sort of this, but more Dutch focused ) is on Wednesday, and due to bizarre calendars its the first time in years that the day has actually fallen on a working day, so it will be a wonderful addition to the week.

There is always the rather moving evening before ( Dodenherdenking ) which is a rather personal and often non-governmental/official remembrance time. Additionally, the TV these days tends to show 'Der Untergang' ( 'Downfall' in English ) or a variation of “The Diary of Anne Frank”, rather than the inevitable War-Films that used to be on. Actually, “Zwarte Boek” is the recent Dutch film that makes its appearance sometimes : also a great film, and that rare thing, a great Dutch film !

Regardless, my Liberation Day can also mean a rejuvenation day and with the week after offering a further public holiday and an enforced bridge-day from work, as long as the weather keeps its part of the bargain, the following fortnight will be gratifyingly 'work-light'.

Looking forward to it !