28 August, 2010

Tactics 1

I have cut back on blitz since I am not quick enough for it !

I don't think its bad to play, but you need to take care not to overdo it, and ( if using it as part of chess improvement ) review the games as well.

Here's one from today, interesting for me as I am White vs a Philidor, a defence I love to play myself.

I'm confused by 7...Nc6, as I don't play this myself and probably fall into a small trap...

7...Nc6 : threats
...as Nc6 actually transforms into an Italian game motif rather than a continuing Philidor ! Hence the threat vs f3 which I don't consider too much. Understandably, I should have met Bg4 with f3, and not worry about pawn structure !

 However, the subject is tactics, and I miss this blitz-winning move...

After 17...Bg5 18.Rxe5 : a Rook skewer would win material

...since there is a discovered check after 18.Rxe5 f3 19.Nxf6 Kg8 20. Rxg5 (or Nxh5

Although, finally I win with a discovered check that Black evidently doesn't see..

34.Rb6! wins the Rook & game 

I'm going to attribute this to my current re-reading : Martin Weteschnik's Understanding Chess Tactics, to encourage myself to keep reading it !