17 October, 2010

Team League 4545 : Season T47 - Magnum Ignotum

A new team for this season.

Chessmasters has mutated into Magnum Ignotum - the Great Unknown - as Chessmasters  board one player is really so highly-rated now that the remainder of us would not be able to play together and stay as U1600 !

I remain as the default board 2 and am looking forward to some good games again.

This time around I will be concentrating on removing blunders, tactics ( and/or calculation ) and endgames.

Openings will remain the same, with 1. e4 as White and for Black attempting to play 'classical' lines given the chance. Doubtless the Philidor will figure strongly in some form or other !


Anonymous said...

Good luck, Signalman! I have entered the Dreadful Knights, a rather even team with ratings between 1680 and 1472 + farbror, our underrated underdog. Maybe we can do something together next season. :-)

Signalman said...

I'm guessing this might be Scotch Yeti ? All is true..Farbror is under-rated and maybe season T48 is time for a new start !