12 November, 2010

Chess Net Etiquette

A strange occurrence...

After what can only be described as an interesting game, with some unusual and thought-provoking moves by my opponent, he allows a King/Queen knight fork on move 30, and, quite naturally, resigns.

No problem, I am looking forward to chatting about the game, but what happens...

Yes, I have an auto-reply of "Handshake", and this appears to upset him as my initial chat has the answer "I really don't like auto"handshake" wrecks the spirit of the gme YOU ARE CENSORED FOR RUDENESS "

What can I do but be polite in my message to him, despite his shouting at me !

I've heard of OTB chess etiquette incidents with the refusal to shake hands at the start of a game etc, but this is the equivalent of me offering a handshake OTB, and being refused : how would that make you feel ?

Well, we will see how the return match goes in a few weeks as it may be difficult to arrange if I am 'censored' ! Looking at his finger notes, I had to smile even more as his attitude did not reflect what he had written !

Here's the final position, move 30 from a slightly unusual Philidor...analysis later.

30...Nf3+ ....Eek ! Game over !


Unknown said...

It is amazing what you have to experience in the online chess world.

One chap asked me some political questions which I kindly declined to answer for many reasons. One of the more obvious reasons was my total ignorance in the topic (s)he suggested to discuss.

That was not taken lightly and I was accused for holding extreme opinions on both sides of the political scale.

ScotchYeti said...

Well, we are only humans after all. After a terrible game I was completely upset about myself and when the auto-handshake message showed "Good game" I was replying quite angrily that it wasn't a good game and took it as an insult.

At least I am mature enough to realize that the only one to blame was me and I cooled down quickly. If you can't lose, chess is the wrong game for you.

Signalman said...

The 'Good Game' I can understand being upset at....I used to have "Thanks for the game", but even that irritated some people, which is why I switched to 'Handshake' as I thought it was very neutral !

Just goes to show that you can't please all the people all the time !