07 August, 2011

British Championship : Adams wins

This year's event went to a play-off, after both Short and Adams ended up with equal points after the classical rounds.

Adams forced a draw as Black in the first game, but as White in the second he took his advantage and carried it all the way through to a win against Short's Caro-Kann.

I watched both games live and although I didn't completely understand  the second game, it was evident when watching that White had the advantage and kept it.

A better explanation than anything I could do is on Dennis Monokroussos'  blog, where you can also see the game with his notes.

Congratulations to Adams who is British and English Champion, and also to Jovanka Houska who retains her British and English women's titles.

Did this make the media in the UK ? Well, yes, but not for the chess-played reasons.

Full results and PGNs here.

I should also add a well done to Will Taylor, who is progressing well on his Road to Grandmaster.

A credible 28th placing in the Major Open, and a Tournament performance, well above his current rating.

Looking forward to some good posts about his games and experiences there.


chesstiger said...

I would have expected that Mickey would be the sole champion after the tournament. Meaning not needing those extra games against Short.

Guess I am heavingly mistaken about the strenght of a 2700+ grandmaster.

Signalman said...

2700+ vs on form and experienced must be pretty close !

Short should have won the Short-Admas game in the main tournament, and would have sealed the win !