02 November, 2011

T51 New Season

For some reason, I am quite excited by the new TL4545 season : T51 to be precise.

Not quite sure why, maybe its that I haven't played slow chess for some time, and am eager to see what I have lost ( or gained ) in the time away.

Although actual pairings aren't quite out, I can see that I will, yet again , not meet fellow blogger and ex-team mate Scotch Yeti during the initial rounds : his various teams are in different divisions to me !  Worth checking out his blog.

This time round, it's probable that I will be playing more U1800 games, rather than just the U1600.

It doesn't make that much difference in the sections.

The number 1 boards are generally quite high in rating ( and hence a bit tough ). Board 2 is also regularly a good proposition, but boards three and four can be quite variable, depending on the makeup of the teams.

In the U1800 it looks like a 50/50 chance for me, as opponents are either roughly equal or greater in rating.

For the U1600 it seems that all opponents on third board are more or less equal, so some good games ahead !

Here's to the next few weeks of good chess !


ScotchYeti said...

Good luck! All the boards look pretty even, it can go one way or the other.

My team is in a group with 5 other teams, every match will count - no chance to do better in a return match.

Signalman said...

One of these days we will cross swords in TL !

Best of luck for the season...