02 May, 2012

Spring : signs of life...

Some time since I last posted, but no apologies !

There has been a lot going on with work- and personal- life, so updating the world on my lowly chess antics has dropped quite low down the list.

Definitely not forgotten, and things have been happening chess-wise, just not so much.

After a very cold winter ( my first experience of walking on frozen canals made me a bit apprehensive, to say the least ) Spring has been a long time fulfilling it's promises, but finally, in May, seems to have arrived properly and is re-invigorating me !

Seems to have done the same for Aronian and Kramnik, since they played some good games in Zurich, some of which even I could follow and enjoy, using the excellent commentary on Chessvibes, by Sergey Shipov : variation-light, and explanation-heavy is great.

A good appetizer for the World Championship with Anand and Gelfand in a few weeks.

The T52 Team League season ended with no playoffs on the plate, but some great games for me.

Great as in enjoyable, since overall I had a 3-3-4 performance, which is competent enough.

Take out the U1800 games ( ie those that are always against higher opponents for me ) and I have a fine 3-1-2 record, which is a great improvement on T51 ! Statistics, don't you just love them ?!

If I manage it, I will post a couple of them with some notes.

Similarly for the Candidates 2012, where, with the latest game a set draw ( time zone issues sometimes makes it hard to arrange matches ), and with the previous being , if I say it myself, a good win on my part, now leaves me facing a 2100+ player for my sins : A drop down the tournament table is predicted !

See you around soon...