15 December, 2012

Bronstein 1950

I enjoyed this one....

White to Play


Anonymous said...

It's not that easy to see, because of the different potential tactical themes. Although recognizing them also helps, for example the possible B+R mate on d8 led to thinking about the rook move.

1. Rd8+ is the only one that works, unless I miss my guess.

1...Kxd8 2. Bxf6+ and Black loses the queen.

1...Ke7 2. Qxe4+

Signalman said...

Yes, Rd8+ is the move, although the follow up is given as the direct Qxe4+, since the knight is now pinned to the King who captured on d8 !

I'm finding that the R/B combination is a really powerful duo and threat.