12 August, 2015

Bishop to the rescue

A neat way out here...

White to play

Although at first glance it looks bad for White, in fact the precarious position of the Black King offsets his passed pawn !

I would be extremely happy to be able to find such a combination in a match situation !

Highlight for solution [ 1.Bg5 c8=Q 2.g4+ fxg 3. Bxc1 g2 4.Be3 ]


AoxomoxoA wondering said...

Its a Endgame-Study like position so you would see the solutione easier if you would solve many endgame studies.
I think this problem is not thaaat difficult. Thze number of possible moves is small ;)
You need to see that every move of white without giving check might be answered by the pawnpromotion of black so you have to give check first and then prevent the promotion(s) or you need to find a quick checkmate or you need to stop all black pawns from promotion or you need to capture the black queen.
A different method to find the right move is : to look for the most forcing move.
The first most forcing move g4+ dont work. An the second most forcing move is already Bg5 ( black has only 2 moves left... )

SilentKnight said...

1. Bg5!! c1=Q 2. g4+ fxg3 3. Bxc1

I'm pretty sure I've seen a puzzle very similar to this before.