08 February, 2016

A nice combination

The following is one of the few times that I really felt that there was something in the position that screamed for action ( and when I was proved correct ! ).

The game had been uneventful. Black had attacked early, exchanged pieces and was out with his Queen, and his King in the centre: White is clearly better.

However, as is often the case, I was at a loss what to do next.

How to Proceed?
In a rare moment of remembering just to attack in a better position, I played a4 and began exchanging pieces to clear the position, since I sensed that there must be something to gain, and ended up in the situation below...
White to play and win
I admit I didn't calculate all of the combination, but I saw enough to reach a winning position, and then Black helped me with a weak move as well, since he had missed what I saw when I envisaged the combination.

It might only be a blitz game, but it was a satisfying feeling to find and play a good combination  !

What to play ?