16 August, 2017

Tactics : A new high

I exceeded my old "highest rating" in standard tactics this week after solving the below problem.

Not only that but I also manged the solution in less than the average time of 4m 5s, and calculated the whole sequence of moves required.

Well, I was pleased with myself, anyway, especially as in the game it was taken from, White missed the tactic.

White to play


I was also happy with finding the solution to the following, as it was another area I fail often, the quiet move ( ah, given you a hint there).

Black to Play

For this one, Chess Tempo required an extra move for a change. 

In many CT problems, having calculated a sequence of moves, when you play them, the solution ends much earlier than expected, leaving you feeling a bit cheated, as if the time hasn't been invested properly.

This is particularly frustrating when CT stops after one move played. Having spent some time satisfying yourself that it is correct, you feel you want to show CT that you have actually worked it out, and not just guessed !

Finally, below is the highest rated problem I've solved so far ( standard 1656, Blitz 1899 )

White to play

 I spent some time on the 'wrong' solution, but have to give myself credit, in that I looked for something else, since the "solution" I had wasn't really good enough.

A fresh look produced the required result !