01 January, 2018

Bogo-Indian : Black to play

Looking back at the blog, I note that its been a good month since the last post, deferred, no doubt, because of work, life and other things too obvious to mention.

I've not been "chess idle"  in this period with time spent on chesstempo tactics, Team League and some blitz to keep me occupied, as well as that thing called Christmas and the New Year !

Below is a position from a recent blitz game, starting off as a Bogo-Indian, but not really following theory much. White played a few strange king moves after move 12, in my opinion to gain time and just see how I would react. 

It allowed me to whip up much Queen-side activity and reach this position.

30..Rc1 ... Black to Play and win

Sadly for me, the 'phone rang. On answering and knowing I had to chat for a while, I felt obliged to offer a draw ( which was accepted ) rather than let the time run out.

In fact, it was a cast-iron win for Black. Doesn't matter what White responds, Black is much, better !

Highlight for solution [ 30.....Qb5+ ]