Chess-related References

Sometimes I go through a book.  Mostly, I read/refer to a number at a time...


Three Hundred Chess Games - Seigbert Tarrasch
Rubenstein's 100 Games - Hans Kmoch
Réti's Best Games - Golombek
Masters of the Chessboard -  Richard Réti
Heroes of Classical Chess - Craig Pritchett
Essential Chess Endings - James Howell
The Fascinating Reti Gambit - Thomas Johanssen
Why we lose at Chess - Colin Crouch
Pawn Sacrifice - Timothy Taylor
Improve your chess now - Jonathon Tisdall
Win with the London System - Sverre Johnsen & Vlatko Kovacevic


The London System - Nigel Davies
Building a d4 Repertoire - Nigel Davies
Chess Assistant 11
Endgames 1-3 - Karsten Mueller
Chess Position Trainer 5 -