12 August, 2010

NH Amsterdam Tournament ( Rising Stars vs Experience )

This excellent annual tournament has just started.

Last year was a good one, so I am hoping for the same.

Opening games include Nakamura – Ljubojevic, which definitely meets the experience criteria, and Giri – Svidler which scores high on Rising Stars ( & relatively local talent in Anish Giri ).

See this for a direct link to the live games that appear to have live commentary from ICC.FM ! Currently commenting on Caruana - van Wely, which seems to be heading for a Caruana victory (update: it was a draw - so much for chess.fm and my opinions ), and now Howell - Gelfand which is a main-line Petroff until White's 17th move, when g4 is played.

17 moves ? I'm lucky to make 10, and that requires a lot of co-operation from the opposition !

I will probably go along on at least Saturday and/or Sunday to see how many other chess-heads are there and indulge in the press room commentary. In fact its tempting to go today/tomorrow as Genna Sosonko is commenting, which will probably be very good....