08 September, 2010

Endgames 6 ( Study 2 )

A second Réti endgame study, this time published in the Teplitz-Schönauer Anzeiger from 1922, a newspaper from Teplitz-Schönau in Sudetenland ( now in the Czech Republic and called Teplice ).

This was the location for the Teplitz-Schönau tournament in October 1922, so possibly Réti had it published because of, and during the tournament period.

He came joint first at this tournament ( with Spielmann ) managing 5½ out 6 against other prize winners, with victories over Spielmann, Tartakower, Rubenstein, Kostic and Teichmann, and a draw with Grünfeld.
Chessmetrics estimates this as the third strongest tournament of 1922 ( London was the top ) including 6 of the top 10 players in the world at the time.

Interestingly the brilliancy prize was won by Heinrich Wolf  for his victory over Réti.   He was the player involved in a 1902 match with Bernhard Kagan, mentioned in my previous Réti study post !

The pre-amble courtesy of Harry Golombek (who wrote most of the first chess books I read ! ).

"The danger of stalemate is the unexpected theme of this remarkable composition. White's opening move is indeed a paradox in which the King, instead of seeking centralisation, tries to escape from the field of action."

A handy hint for us patzers !

White to play and win : Réti, 1922
Look for the solution later in the comments....