05 September, 2010

Endgames 6

Bizarrely ( or maybe not, I would need to think about it :)  I seem to reach the endgame in Blitz quite often these days. Perhaps, its because I play a lot of King pawn games and simplify ?

Regardless, they are a useful exercise if examined afterwards.

Here's a Knight & pawns game, that White is ahead on. There is a killer move ( which I missed ! ) to end it quickly, rather than the additional 20 moves I took. Seems so obvious afterwards, but lack of time doesn't help when playing.

I'm sure such endgames are simplistic once past a certain chess level, but to me, they still require significant thought, be it in Blitz or standard. I think its the fact that you know that being just a pawn up should be a win, but you have to prove it, especially in Blitz and against the clock !

35...h4 : White to move and win