25 January, 2011

Book of the Year - Time to vote !

I might have predicted the winner !

Final voting round here.

I go for the Chess Queen, on the basis that we have enough 'strategy guides', Seirawan is bound to win something else, and its written by a World Champion !

Shame that my nomination, Colin Crouch's "Why we lose at Chess" didn't make it through, as its an excellent educator, and a decent "real games" collection as a sideline, mainly of Colin Crouch's own, which, since he was analysing after a period away from the game as a way of re-assessing and re-gaining his own chess strength, is extremely useful for any aspiring chess improver.

For a better review than I could give see here. It is probably fair to say that it could be a better book, but as its about my sort of games, and improving from them, I am happy to accept it as it is. Make your mind up and then go and buy it !

However,  if I was a betting man, my euros would probably be placed on Chess Duels, whose author needs no promotion from me !