13 January, 2011

Book of the Year ?

The Chess Cafe web site is running its Book of the Year contest.

My nomination is for Colin Crouch's "Why we lose at chess", which I enjoyed last year.

Another nominated book that I read was Karpov's "Find the Right Plan". Its not had the greatest reviews, but I was fine with it. Most other books nominated, I haven't read.

My guess is that, if he doesn't win this Chess Cafe vote, Yasser Seirawan will win someone's book-of-the-year for his "Chess Duels",  as there seems to be too much "groundswell" about it.

I've not read it, nor any other of his, so I have no opinion to state !

Looking forward to the votes and next round.


Farbror the Guru said...

My vote goes to Soltis book which I think is excellent and practical advice for Patzer such as yours truly.

Signalman said...

Can't ague with that...

My second choice might be the AVRO 1938 tournament book. I have Max Euwe's "Meet the Masters" which is a pre-tournament book, and very good too.

I love historical tournament books.