24 March, 2011

Swindling for Amateurs

Black is lost. After a slip that lost his Rook advantage we have this position....

...where White is preparing to finish things.

I can see no hope, only a vague swindle, after White mistakenly moved off the a8-h1 diagonal, allowing a 'spite check', to which White is forced to play Kh2 ( since Re4 is met by Nf2+ ! )

So what is Black hoping for ? what should White NOT play after Black's next move of h6 ?

Well, definitely not the superfluous, and very greedy 42. Kxh3 ?? which hands Black a very nice swindle result, and a draw with an easy perpetual check.

A draw by perpetual check !
White is unhappy : Black is ecstatic !
This sort of swindle should never happen in standard chess, but we should all be aware of possibilities, and always be prepared to fight on for a short while after appearing lost, just to test the mettle of our opponent.