23 March, 2011

White to move and win

From a recent blitz game : White to move and win

[1r4nr/3p2pp/p2Nk1n1/1p2pR2/8/1N6/PPP3PP/3R2K1 w - - 0 1]


HeinzK said...


Signalman said...

Hah Very neat reply with random arrows, and of course, correct !

From the patzer said...

Cannot read this Fen (or how is it called?) code.

White mates black in three moves if I am not mistaken.

1. Nc5+ Ke7 2. Rf7+ Kd8 3. Rxd7#

Signalman said...

You are not mistaken ! and I have modified the FEN/EPD as well