08 October, 2011

Back Again

Although the post title could well refer to this blog, since I have been a touch inactive with updating it in recent months, it actually refers to Sverre's Chess Corner, which has been quieter for even longer !

I'm glad to see it back - sneaking under my radar whilst I holidayed - as it always has interesting posts, and Sverre Johnsen actively replies to reader comments, making it a worthwhile place to visit.

It also has a "sister blog"  of book reviews, which is updated very irregularly, but the reviews are excellent, and are just what I would want to see.

In fact, although I think I bought it before I saw the review there, his coverage of Bauer's Philidor files also has a couple of options not explored by Bauer, that I have since tried. So, not only a review, but hints too !

He mentions that his current project is a book on the King's Gambit, focusing on the Nf3 option for White ( the King's Knight Gambit, I presume ) , and is happy to point out the forthcoming competitors in the publishing world, which I find a plus point for his blog.

It will be good to see progress on this.

I don't think I am a White King's Gambit player, but who knows. If this is as good as his Dutch Defence book, then I could be converted !

Regardless, its good to see him back.

As for me, chess took a back seat while life ( in the shape of work, the past, and holidays )  interfered, caught up with, and soothed  me.

I intend to put some more posts up with (relatively ) recent games and other relevant and irrelevant thoughts, although we all know where the road of good intentions leads to.

Until the next time !