08 December, 2020

Repeat Pattern

 This motif has turned up in, I believe, three CT problems so far.

Its unusual enough for me to remember it clearly ( I think I took a long while finding the move when I first saw it ) and if that made me see it again for this problem it can only be a good thing.

As seems to happen a lot in chess,  the pin is a powerful weapon at any point in the game, but this has a good twist in the solution !

White to play after 1...Rf7

05 December, 2020

Another good pattern

 I posted about a (mate) pattern that I practised for a time and now, I can usually see these when they turn up.

Below is a similar pattern ( or idea or motif ) that turned up in a Chess Tempo session

After Rb1, Black to play and mate

My eye was drawn to the white Bishop and pawn on e7/d6 almost immediately, probably because its "out of place"in the Black camp.

This is a distraction, since the target is the King, and by the Queen..

Do coloured arrows help? 

Black to play and mate
Even more obvious now.

One bishop pins the g2 pawn to the king ( cue that the pawn cannot capture ), the other Bishop attacks the h2 square.

Distraction is over, and the winning move appears : White cannot prevent mate !

(Footnote : Chess Tempo refers to this mate as "Damiano's Mate" specifically "Damiano's Bishop" 

"Damiano's mate has the opponent king restricted on the back rank by an attacking pawn, while the queen delivers mate with support from the pawn, and an opponent piece blocks horizontal escape on the opposite side to which the queen is checking." )

30 November, 2020

A good pattern to know

 I went through a phase of practising this type of mate pattern, where a Rook (or Queen ) sacrifice forces a king re-capture, with a follow up from Rook ( or Queen ) delivering mate.

In this example the bishop pin threw up a small diversion, but as soon as I calculated that out of the equation, the solution was clear.

One of those few ChessTempo problems that have no clear game source for the problem, which is always a shame in my eyes.

Black to play

30 October, 2020

Here it comes again....

 I love it when my favourite checkmate unfolds from positions that don't seem to be where it should live...

Case in point,  after Black takes the queen bishop and attacks the Queen - White to play and win.

27 October, 2020

A simple combination

 This is probably why we practise tactics : they win games.

From a blitz game...

White to play and win

27 August, 2020

Knight to the rescue

My instant reaction to the below problem was Qxh2, as its mate.

Although, of course, it isn't...

Shortly afterwards, the solution dawns. Its not an Arabian mate, but its the next best Knight mate, and its a Queen sacrifice ! What more can you ask ?

Sadly, the problem does not seem to be from an identified game, but still good to see.

Black to play