09 January, 2012

Another Chess Column gone...

Sad to start 2012 with the news that a chess column has gone, but today was the last post for the Guardian's column edited by Daniel King and Ronan Bennett.

The combination of professional and amateur chess player, plus two good writers ( Bennett is the author of Zugzwang, an interesting novel set during the 1914 St Petersburg tournament,   King is the author of many chess products !  ) produced some interesting columns.

I will miss it for certain, but at least all the back issues are available, and maybe there will be an even more interesting column around the corner !

05 January, 2012

T44 Round 4 : A drawing move, a learning point

An old game, my first Team 4545 League match from February, 2010.

I remember it as an enjoyable game, but more so as one typical of an amateur player, for example:

    1) A belief that knowing a few moves in the Sicilian gives an understanding of how to play it
    2) Not recognising a non-book move, and more, what to do after seeing it
    3) Understanding that a draw is an acceptable result, and can be useful sometimes
    4) Recognising that anyone can find one good move if they think hard and clearly enough.

But my biggest memory and my learning point in it was finding the drawing move....