24 February, 2013

Solution to Problem : RB Wormald -1867

Here's the solution for the problem from last week...

Quite straightforward.

The Black King is practically in mate, and if the Queen was out of the way, f4 would deliver it.

So, the solution is to remove the Queen with Rxe2 ?

Well, no  In practical terms, ie in a game, that will work, although mate will take longer.

To solve in two, its simply Be4. No matter what Black plays, a mate can be delivered.

Be4 wins !

19 February, 2013

Problem : RB Wormald -1867

A relatively straightforward Mate in 2, courtesy of  Mr RB Wormald.

[3R1r2/7N/8/3pkPN1/3p2Kb/1pP2Ppp/4q3/1Br1Rb2 w - - 0 1]
White to Play : Mate in 2

Mate in two  [http://signalman90.blogspot.nl/2013/02/solution-to-problem-rb-wormald-1867.html]

14 February, 2013

DIY Blunders and Tactics 2

The New Year seems to have flown by, and good intentions, well, not quite fulfilled.

However, its never too late to catch up, so I took the opportunity of the overnight snowfall to look for some more ' home-grown' blunders and tactics...

Below, White has played what should be the losing  move, in Qf2 - f1.

Luckily for him, Black didn't play the sharp move, and a draw was agreed in a few moves.

What should Black play ?

Black to play

Solution  [  Rxg3 wins !  not so simple if white doesn't reply hxg, but Black still gets there ]

12 February, 2013

Problem : Greenwood 1867

Here you go...a problem from 1867, courtesy of a Mr W. Greenwood.

The original problem stated mate in 4, but in 2013 , a mate in 3 is also there ( thanks to Houdini for confirming it :)

Enjoy !

White to play
2B5/5R1K/4p1p1/6kp/4P2R/6P1/8/8 w - - 0 1
Mate in 4 [ 1. Re7 e5 2. Rxe5 Kf6 3. Re6 Kf7 4. Rf4#  ]

Mate in 3 [ 1. Kg7 e5 2.Bf5 gxf 3. Rxf5# ]