25 May, 2011

Fun against the Sicilian

There is an enjoyment as an e4-player in beating the Sicilian.

It's probably in-built, a cult memory, like Northern Europeans drinking beer in preference to wine.

If ( maybe, when ? ) I play the Sicilian, this is the option I would choose : an early e5 and the Lasker/Pelikan/Labourdonnais variation, challenging in the centre immediately, just like a recent opponent.

  Wonderful ! Lasker variation and no pesky Sheveshnikov !!

I can play Nd5, expecting Nxd5, but wait : Black plays the very bad Be7 and there follows a downward spiral of exchanges for Black, with Nxe7, Nxe7, Nxd6+ .

He drops a piece, and finally we end up here, with a Queen check.

13. c3 is too provocative...why not offer the b-pawn ? He won't fall for it....

Oops...next move, 14. Qd8 mate....sometimes you make your own luck !