31 March, 2013

Catching up with blogging, and an easy win

I've not been the most active blogger recently, far too much going on in the work world with major decisions imminent that will probably affect my future, as the company re-organises itself in the current economic climate both in the personnel and budget areas.

But back to chess, and my TL season (T56)  is ended. No chances now of reaching the playoffs as wild card, but I think it unlikely.

Results though weren't so bad, considering.

Won 3, drawn 1, lost 2, giving me just above the expectation, so I will see a slight rise in my TL rating, heading back towards 1500.  I mean to put the effort in to analyse and publish this seasons' games, since I think that is really the only way to improve.

I've done very little chess activity outside of the TL games and a few blitz, but I have enjoyed the writings of IM Colin Crouch a lot. He has a sensible view on chess improvement, and a fine attitude to life as well given the serious issues he is overcoming.

He pointed out an obvious win in this position.

Hebden-Williams, Hastings 2012, Black to play

How many of us amateurs would choose the option of  Nxg4+ and accept the draw ?

In fact an " easy" win is available with Nd3+.  Go on work it through, its easy when you play it !

See you again soon on the plus side of a long, cold winter !