Games Library

Here's a list of games that have been published on this blog...

[ Note 2 :13 July 2017

As I don't look at this page apart from when adding to it, I didn't realise that it has stopped working. No doubt this is a combination of issues ( or possibly advances in security ) resulting in an empty library :(

I am sure there are widget out there that will work, maybe the current one does as well, it just needs further investigation to find out why its failing.

Until I invest that time, the game library will remain hidden.

If you have a burning desire to see the chess skills, combinations, tactics and deep positional ideas on display in these games ( meaning that there are some professional ones as well as my own amateur attempts ), simplest is to view the source and copy/paste them to the pgn-viewer of your choice.

Note 1: about October 2014 !

I've noticed this has stopped working again....looks like I will need to find a (better) way to display games....

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