07 June, 2014

What's the best move ?

In this game, I had just found some space for my Queen after many stressful moves of being close to trapped.

I'd expected White to exchange Queens on c2, but instead he played Qa3.

The exchange of pieces proposed seemed fine for me, and finally resolved the Queen issue.

So, what to play now in response to Qa3?

I chose, not necessarily a ' wrong' move, but certainly not the best.

And you ?

Black to Play

05 June, 2014

Another Mate in 2...from 1921

A further newspaper selection.

Published this day in 1921.

My first attempt had the correct idea, but I chose the wrong piece.  A pleasant distraction !

5 June, 1921 : White to play and Mate in 2

02 June, 2014

How to Proceed ?

I missed a vital part of this problem, and chose a wrong solution.

I did, in fact, see part of the solution, but since I didn't recognise the concept, naturally I failed to solve it.

My solution would, if this was a real game, have put me in a more-or-less equal position, but there is more to be gained from it...

White to play