22 November, 2017


At times I wonder how I manage to look at a board and not see the obvious.

Take the below. I felt drained when presented with Rg2+, and yet it was so simple.

Concentration and observation, I think.

White to play

15 November, 2017

White to Play, and win a .....?

Black saw the discovered check from the Rook, but missed it was a double-check, so his intended Bxd6 isn't possible and Kd8 is forced.

White to play and win a ...

White to play after 18.Nd6+ Kd8

08 November, 2017

White to play 11 : Queen exchange !

 One of those tactical puzzles that its good to see in real life !

White to play and win

01 November, 2017

Great Combinations

Maybe 'combination' isn't the precise word here, as I'm sure it has a particular definition, but its good enough for me.

The European Team Championship is on in Crete at the moment, and, in the time I found to watch it I was lucky enough to see a very nice finish by Sophie Millet in her game against Borka Franciskovic.

Black has just played Qd8 and after a couple of minutes thought White replies with a simple move, but a devastating combination follows...mate in 5.

White to play

Solution [ 31.Qd6+ Kc8 32.Na7+ Nxa7 33.Rc1+ Nc6 34.Rxc6+ bxc6 35.Ba6#    ]

Another good combination, this time from me.

I've mentioned before that, although I don't always play them, these days I tend to see more interesting moves bubbling up from my subconscious.

This time I calculated a bit more and decide to try it. Not a mate, but more than enough to win, and very enjoyable to play.

Black didn't play the optimal moves, but that's what happens in amateur chess, especially when surprised with an unexpected thrust !

I managed to calculate 4 and half moves on this, which put me in a winning position, so I gave it a go !

15... Nc4  White to play

Subsequent moves16.Nxd7 Kxd7 17.Nxd5 exd5 18.Bh3+ Kd8 19.Bxc8 hxg5 ? 20.Qf5 Nf6 21.hxg5 Nd6 22.Rxh8+ Nde8 23.gxf6  1-0  ]