16 February, 2010

Milestone @ ICC

Well, I made 20 games, which is the "entry point" for a few competitions/tournaments at ICC.

I've now put myself on the T4545 League list, so if there are ant teams wanting another player, please contact me.

Additionally, 20 games allows play in the STC Bunch competitions, so I should be able to play in the Sunday Swiss now. 

The downside was that Monday's games were a bit of a disaster !

Games and comments to follow, but 0-4 is not very encouraging.... 

Its noticeable that the most common openings so far are...

As White : 1.e4 c5 ( Sicilian ) with others a mix

As Black : 1.e4 is the main opener ( 9 of 11 ), developing into a King's Gambit most often. 1.d4 only played twice !!

So, advice so far is to prepare against the King's Gambit as Black, and the Sicilian  as White.

Let's hope I can take my own advice !

Tonight is the third 60 minute match of the month. I should have White, but will be matched against a higher rated opponent.