03 April, 2010

Open Sicilian...Lasker-Pelikan (Sheveshnikov)

I used to have an very bad time with the Sicilian...any Sicilian !!

When I first re-started chess I played correspondence and always met 1...c5 with 2.c3, the Alapin Sicilian.

I have to say that I had very little success, which only increased my dislike of facing the Sicilian.

This is a shame, since it is probably the most popular "non-e4" opening, even at amateur level, so not being able to play against it is a serious problem !

These days, I am much happier and more prepared....

Here's a Blitz game played today....Lasker Variation...Sveshnikov.

Theory ( and popularity ) goes for the move 7.Bg5, but 7. Nd5 avoids lots of theory and is producing some good results.


7....Nxd5 is forced, but don't re-capture with the Queen, as you lose time to Be6 !

On move 8, there are two main Black  choices, Nb8 and Ne7. More popular is Nb8, but I don't think there is much between them, at least at my level.

The reply to both is 9.c4, the solid move, but 9.Qf3 is an interesting alternative.

Sadly, here...

I didn't see the wonderful 10.Qa4, which is probably a winning move against the apparently natural 9...a6.

Regardless of the final loss, I really enjoyed this !


Farbror the Guru said...

I have been trying the dutch recently. It has been about average unsuccessful but it has been fun. Actually, so much fun that I have contemplated the idea of trying the Sicilian myself.

GingerGM (great choice of hair color!) has an DVD out on the dutch which I just might order.

Signalman said...

Hi Farbror !

I used to play the Dutch a lot, with probably better than average results for my level.

Against 1.d4 at the moment I am aiming for King's Indian ideas, but the Dutch does give a great game, although I think it can be a bit dangerous for Black especially with moves such as an early Bg5...

GingerGM is a good site that in the last 3 months has had some good information on the Dutch in particular. I enjoy his videos, although I am not sure that his style matches mine !!

I particularly enjoyed his annotations to his game vs Robert Bellin whose books gave me my first insights to the Dutch.

Maybe I should post on it !!

Farbror the Guru said...

Yes, you should! That is an order!