12 August, 2010

Endgames 3

Am I becoming obsessed with endgame mistakes ?  There are worse things...

This was a strange game. White seems to have his own 'system' based on loads of pawn moves, setting up a white-square bind ( maybe its a hedgehog-opening ), which seems to rely on White gaining lots of time, and waiting for a Black mistake.

Inevitably, I obliged, losing Rook for Bishop, but fought back , provoking a similar mistake and equality.

NxN, and the Rook goes

Other missed opportunities on both sides ( this is blitz ) and although I considered BxN in the next diagram, didn't play it. It looked right and results in White losing his King-side pawns eventually, but I couldn't calculate quickly enough. ( it should be something like 51... Bxf4 52. Kxf4
Rb3 53. h4 Kd6 54. Ke4 Rg3 55. h5 Rxg4+
to give Black a winning advantage)

..but further exchanges leaves a classic R vs R + P ending.

You'd think we should know these, but in this case my opponent makes the most basic of mistakes, allowing his rook to be skewered.

 Although he plays on, I make sure that I don't make a similar error and his pawn falls.

He resigns, not giving me a chance to practise a Rook and King ending ;-)