03 July, 2011

Winning against the Caro-Kann

I played the first match of my new T9030 tournament and after a long and tough game, I came away with the win !

Although slightly lower-rated than me, I certainly gave him all due respect as not only does he know his opening ( he seems to play the Caro-Kann exclusively as Black ) but I also saw some of an earlier game with him against fellow blogger Scotch Yeti, and was impressed by the way he fought back, and then held on for a draw.

More details on the game later, but it can be summed up as White missing an early tactic to go up a pawn, then undergoing a long period of pressure as Black attacks the opposite-castled white king.

Finally, Black perhaps presses just too hard, mis-calculates and loses the exchange.

This gives white far more space and activity, and leaves Black with practically no counter-play.

A further mistake cost him his Rook and the game.

Here is the critical position, where I correctly calculated the exchanges and gained the pawn..

White to Move after 25...Rb6

A satisfying game, that I will enjoy analysing and will post later.


ScotchYeti said...

Nice game! I hope you find the time to analyze it, there were some interesting alternatives.

My own game against him, well, I have written about my frustration in one of the last blog entries and I am now ready for a ZEN like approach.

Signalman said...

Yes, I enjoyed it.

The main plus point was that I did not make a huge blunder ( although I missed tactics ) which I'm sure helped me.

I've been through it once and now want to have a better look before publishing