30 November, 2012

Pawn down and winning ?

Puzzle time...

I've seen this a few times in various books, generally from Soviet sources, with the players given as Fuchter - Balogh or Fuster-Balogh, from Budapest, 1964.

I've never found the full game, so don't know which of the many Baloghs it could be, or even if this is actually a study, rather than from an real game.

Regardless, its a neat position.  I've been in similar ones, but never quite the same. For me, its a sort of position that says "There are 3 rooks and a Queen together : so much power ! I must be able to do something good here" , but obvious moves don't seem to work.

Black to move and win....what would you do ?

Fuster-Balogh, Budapest, 1964


Anonymous said...

Not too difficult, Signalman. Qb2 looks pretty much winning.

This is a nice pattern and hard to see if you play for it at the beginning of a combination.

Good luck in the 3rd round of the TeamLeague! Are you going to prepare something?

Signalman said...

Of course...Qxb2 wins !

Round 3 I did play and did prepare.

Against the Scheveningen Sicilian I playe d the Taylor-recommended Be2 ( think you know where I am coming from). I believe my opponent mixed up his Sicilians. He spent far too long on Qb6, followed by Qd8 and a tactical shot left him stranded.