21 November, 2013

Best Move ?

From a recent 5/0 blitz game...

The previous few moves have seen manoeuvring around control of the e8 square ( threat of Rook exchanges leading to mate ), but Black now has an escape square and has switched to counter-attack.

25... Rb8-b2  threatens to level material by capturing the pawn. White replies 26. R6e2 giving the following position.

What should Black play ?  Not complicated, but, in my opinion, instructive.

Spoiler/Solution (highlight between the brackets)  [ In the game, Black  played 26...Rxa2, no doubt expecting 27. Rxd2 Rxa4, and re-gaining the pawn, However, the simple 27. Qxa2 gives White a winning advantage. So, best move ? 26...Qxe2, the Black Queen is exchanged for two Rooks , and Black still has a decent game  ]