21 February, 2020

A visit from Anastasia

My chess life moves on at a slow pace ( at least in rating terms ).

I enjoy playing the game most of all, which explains the slow pace, as the work to improve has to fit around the work to pay for the creation of the time to do the improvement in, if you understand me.

I play much less blitz these days, as I realise that it is not my forte to calculate at blitz speed, but it is easier to find the time for a blitz game...quite a conundrum !

Here's a nice ending sequence from a recent blitz game...

1. I play Ne7 threatening to win a pawn, but also to cover g6 and g8

2. A suitable response of Ba6 creating a greater threat to my Rook, but easily resolved with Rf3

3. The strange Ne6 ( is he aiming at Nxd4 ? even though its protected ?) allows a visit from Anastasia, who is always welcome

4. One of my favourite checkmates, and it was planned !


ChessAdmin said...

I'm sure your opponent was just going on general principles with ...Ne6, getting the knight off the back rank and connecting his rooks. He just forgot to ask what threats you had in the position first!

Similar to Boden's Mate (which I was a victim of, hopefully only once), Anastasia's Mate has a pattern (in this case Ne7 and an open h-file) which should set off alarm bells early if it looks like it might happen to you. Otherwise I think it's relatively easy to ignore the possibility, if you're just looking for "normal" moves.

Signalman said...

Thanks for the post, Chess Admin. Alarm bells and "normal moves", I couldn't agree more.

One of the hard parts of chess is getting those patterns fixed in the mind, and making sure they are triggered when required.

I make slow progress on this, but at least its progress !