18 April, 2010

Another Open Sicilian ( Labourdonnais times two ?)

Open Sicilians ? I love them, why would anyone play 2.c3 and miss out on the fun....?!

Here's two blitz games I played today, apparently classified as B32 ( Labourdonnais Variation) but the first did seem a bit like a Dragon ( or Najdorf ? ) to me.

So, game 1...I tried to play the Maroczy Bind with c4, and a later f4....did it work ?

Well, certainly mistakes on both sides,  but I felt happy playing it.

Black played 13...f5 and this was was wrong, and although I thought about it for a while, after 14.Qxd6, Black's position seems to fall apart.
[ 14...fxe4]

I spent some time thinking after move 14 above, but essentially I accepted that Nxe4, Bxb2, Rb1 was good..and after that, I had a nice victory.

[...after 24...Kg8]
I missed the beautiful Qxg6 ( work it out ! ) but my excuse was that I was in time trouble...

On to Game 2, and much more like the Labourdonnais that I expect with an early e5 from Black.

On auto-pilot, I forget to play Nb5 to head for the Sveshnikov, but no matter....

I make some dodgy moves  ( 13. Qh6 ? ) but redeem it with 14.f5, and here...
Black plays [14...Bd7 ]

Not sure why, but certainly after this next move..
[ Black plays 15...Nf4]

Its all over.

Sadly, he was one of those players who doesn't like to be mated, so I waited a minute-plus for the clock to run out after 19.f6...so he has a "time-expired" loss, so much better than mate ! and it gives me more more time to savour the win!!

That's life....

An enjoyable game none-the-less.


CMoB said...

Open Sicilians ? I love them, why would anyone play 2.c3 and miss out on the fun....?!

A man of my heart :)

Just a quick comment after discovering you on BDK's blog. You've got some great stuff posted. I will surely look into it in more detail when and if i get a chance.

Rock on!

Signalman said...

Welcome ! Good to see you here.