25 October, 2010

New High at ICC

Following my win in the latest game of the Chess9030 tournament I've reached my highest rating at ICC so far, a huge 1607 !

No, not Master-strength but after a decline in the past three months its good to show some progress again.

My previous high was 1597, back in July, and with my poor results in T46 I dropped points regularly ( although not too many, as my opponents were usually much higher-rated than me. )

Happily for me the game that put me over 1600 was a Philidor( the defence I have stayed with all this year ) , and involved a Queen sacrifice.

Here is almost the final position, with Black poised to capture White's Queen. Although it is effectively all over, a mistaken move of Kf1, instead of Kf2 sped up the resignation.

The full game is already in the Games Library, and I will try to annotate it this week.

My next T9030 game looks like being a forfeit win, so that puts me joint top of my group, with the crucial match in the next two weeks !