20 October, 2010

Team League 4545 : Season T47 - Chessmasters still alive !

It seems that the Chessmasters team is still alive !!

Keen to play Team League chess, the high-rated board 1 from T46 U1600 is taking the mantle into U1800, and I am joining as a backup player, ie fourth board at the most.

A step up for me, but looking at some of the other board 4s, they also play in U1600 as board 1 or 2, so I may be roughly equal on some occasions.


ScotchYeti said...

Good luck, Signalman! My score was 2-1 at board 4 and pablito15 even won all his games in the U1800 division. You can do it too. :-)

Funny side note: MeanMrMustard played for our team last season (and became U1800 champ). The team will now play in the U2000 section (which is way too high for me and the reason why I started my own team).

Hmm, I think I will add the Chessmasters to the page I have prepared:



ScotchYeti said...

Oops, the link is: