09 December, 2010

64 Games !

This seems a significant event : 64 standard games on ICC.

So, despite the result , I think I should celebrate it !

My opponent was OxidisedLizard, a future Grandmaster in disguise, and against me it showed !

The game was simple. I made a basic mistake, realising as soon as I had played it that I had lost a piece, and probably the game in this sort of company.

Until that point, I had been OK, although I had started an attack too early, and had effectively handed  the initiative to Black after 11. Ng5.

11. Ng5...attacking too early
 I had overlooked that Bc4 was a fine riposte, avoiding any exchange and forcing White to do something.

Unfortunately, I didn't do the right things and with a further piece threatened after h6, I miscalculated basic tactics and made my game-losing mistake !

I could have resigned straight away,  but played on, keeping the score to "one piece down" until some nice manoeuvring put my king at a distinct disadvantage.

Black played simply and well, but missed a chance to deal a death-blow on move 17.

Bc5+ !

Instead of a crushing Bc5+, winning the rook with a discovered attack (or if Be3, the bishop), Black castled and encouraged me to continue for a few moves !

I'm now on a lower board for the U1800s ( we have a new player ) so had a slightly fairer chance in my next TL outing, but overall, an enjoyable game, and with my review of it, I think I will be in better shape next time I play the Spanish.