16 December, 2010

Team League 4545 : Season T47 - Progress

The end of the main season sees Magnum Ignotum ( the U1600 Team I play for )  in the playoffs with 4 wins, 2 draws and a loss.

A good performance by the team and and also for me ( +4=1-1 ) . The playoff will take some time as it arrives in the Christmas holidays, so may seem to be drawn out. Our opponents contain players I have never met before, with the likelihood that I am paired with a +1700 player ! Looking forward to it.

Other points:
As Black, I played 3 games playing the Philidor in each and gaining 2 wins and a draw. I should have won the draw, but had too little time and an unavoidable interruption ( although she is wonderful :)
As White I won a Scotch (Four Knights ) and lost a Bird.

Maybe there's a message here ? Concentrate on trying to win as White  !

The U1800 team ( Chessmasters ) didn't live up to their name, suffered with forfeits and so came bottom of its section, not gaining a single match point ! However, with so many new players, I think we did OK and I hope that we will stay together for a stronger attempt next season.

My record was equally bad : played 3, lost 3.

However, in two of those games, one was mine for the taking, as I missed a clear win and the other was a well-fought, and enjoyable French Defence that I had good chances in, but missed a key move at the end. I still need to go through both of these and post them.

In the U1800s I played against the French Defence as White and as Black a strange opening ( with 1.d4 ) that switched to a Philidor by move 5 with no loss of tempo to either side ! I also lost as White in a Spanish against future Grandmaster OxidisedLizard. I'll be looking for revenge some time !

I wonder if it is worth checking if U1800 opening choices are significantly different from U1600s ?

Anyway, my intention is to play in both sections ( U1800 & U1600 ) next season, if at all possible. I find both give good opportunities, and playing higher opposition certainly stretches my chess at times.