27 December, 2010

Team League 4545 : Season T47 - Playoff 1

I played a poor game.

1.e4 and a Philidor, but I just didn't seem to choose the right moves and after a mis-calculation regarding a hanging pawn ( that I thought was protected by indirect means ) I went down 2 pawns and never got back into the game.

I did fight to the end, but eventually he woke up to using his extra pawns, and I was history !

This was the incorrect move that started it all....

exd4 is better 

Here I was correct with Nf4, as the c-pawn is indirectly protected.
15. Nf4
But I didn't calculate far, or accurately enough, as Bb7 is not a good move.
17...Bb7 ?

The a-Rook isn't really threatened at all !

However, despite this loss giving a drawn match ( 2-2), because of our better forfeit rating we should go through to the next round.

I really felt a lack of sharpness and inspiration, possibly due to a lack of any chess effort in the last two weeks, so I will need to invest in some tactics practise before the next round.